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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The Pulitzer Center's mission has always been to help inform and engage American audiences on the most critical issues of our time, advancing scientific, cultural, religious, environmental, political and social understanding—across borders, and within local communities.

We must promote understanding of the vital role of journalism in sustaining our democracy—and we need to deepen our techniques for increasing the credibility of journalism with the public

By providing support to cover the hard costs of reporting, we build bridges between journalists and news outlets. We promote collaborative projects across multiple outlets, from documentary productions and e-books to interactive presentations and live performances. And for the freelance journalists who carry an increasing burden of global reporting, we work to create sustainable and safe careers.

We are positioned to serve global public interest journalism in a way few organizations can—by engaging wide audiences on deeply reported topics and inspiring the next generation to value news and cross-cultural understanding.

The intended outcomes are:

  • A public with a deeper understanding of critical global issues, and an increased appetite for quality international reporting;
  • Resources for journalists to effectively cover global issues
  • Top-tier news outlets more likely to partner to bring global stories to their audiences;
  • Teachers more likely to teach global issues in their classrooms;
  • Students with an increased knowledge of global issues, an appetite for more, and a deeper appreciation of what "quality" news is.

For a limited time:

Your gift of $1,000 or more helps us celebrate global photography on issues that matter.

Photography projects are an increasingly important part of the Pulitzer Center's strategy for raising awareness of underreported issues around the world. From cover stories for TIME and The New York Times, to special features for National Geographic and Harper's, and online presentations on MSNBC, Vox, the New Republic and The New Yorker. Photography by our grantees is also a critical tool for exploring global issues and promoting media literacy in schools and colleges.

Our 2018 Pulitzer Center Photography Series is a new way to support the Pulitzer Center. With a donation of $1,000 or more, donors can select one of the prints in the series (most are 11x14), which will be signed by the photographer. $250 will go to the photographer of the image you select. And gifts received by December 31st will be doubled through our News Match Challenge Grant.

Our Impact

"At a critical stage in my development, the combination of incentives, guidance and contacts [the Pulitzer Center] provided stretched my limits. I have been able to count on their support ever since. Along the way, I have had the freedom to explore stories. Our reporting had impact thanks to the added time and resources given to us that let us go deep." -Jason Motlagh, freelance journalist

"The brilliance of the Pulitzer Center's education work has not only been in bringing the world into our classrooms, but also deeply involving our students in the world around them. Approximately 8,000 of our students have been involved in a Pulitzer Center experience, including at least 30 teachers and 12 projects. Our innovative, engaging, and meaningful work together has had a profound impact on our students."
-Tracy Crowley, Information Literacy Specialist, Chicago's CCSD21 School District

* Background photo by Pulitzer Center grantee Paula Bronstein. Afghanistan, 2015.

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