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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

  • Quality international journalism on critical and underreported global issues
  • Prime placements of these important international stories in leading print and broadcast media outlets around the world
  • Global engagement and outreach strategy that links journalists and their international reporting projects to youth through highly interactive visits to high school and college campuses
  • Effectively addresses need for quality in-depth reporting on important global issues and the need for informed and engaged news consumers (including youth and young adults)

Our Impact

"At a critical stage in my development, the combination of incentives, guidance and contacts [the Pulitzer Center] provided stretched my limits. I have been able to count on their support ever since. Along the way, I have had the freedom to explore stories. Our reporting had impact thanks to the added time and resources given to us that let us go deep." -Jason Motlagh, freelance journalist

"The brilliance of the Pulitzer Center's education work has not only been in bringing the world into our classrooms, but also deeply involving our students in the world around them. Approximately 8,000 of our students have been involved in a Pulitzer Center experience, including at least 30 teachers and 12 projects. Our innovative, engaging, and meaningful work together has had a profound impact on our students."
-Tracy Crowley, Information Literacy Specialist, Chicago's CCSD21 School District

* Background photo by Pulitzer Center grantee Paula Bronstein. Afghanistan, 2015.